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A Sweeps tournament is a two-man best ball. You can play as a twosome**, threesome or foursome (see layouts below).  You (can) get together a foursome and play two-man best ball with each other member (if you wish), making six teams per foursome (every person is paired with everyone else in the foursome). The maximum handicap differential between team members is 7 strokes. If there are more than 7 strokes difference, the higher handicap will be adjusted downward to fit within the 7 strokes.
Scoring is for Low Gross and Low Net for the field and Low Net for the handicap divisions, with 1/2 of the combined handicaps as the team handicap (sample: “a” player hcp = 6, “b” player hcp = 13; team hcp = 9.5).
Before the Delegates Meeting date, you sign up on the delegate’s sweeps form at your golf course.  OR.. After the meeting date, you sign up the team with the golf course hosting the Sweeps.  See “Sign-Up By” date on Sweeps Schedule.  Your course must be a  TGA member club .
A Sweeps tournament plays over three days, and you can play 1, 2 or all three days. Each day is separate, and must be paid for separately. You can win only once (with the same partner) in the three days. You can, if you wish, join another foursome for other days, and win with that foursome. You can play with the same persons on separate days, but you can win with that team member only once in the three days (lowest score).
When your foursome shows up at the game(s), the entry fee is $8 each player for each team member ($16 per two-man team). If you cross over with all members of the foursome, you (and each member of the foursome) will be playing on three teams ($24 each player). [foursome total is $16 per team with 6 teams for $96]. Pairing Sheets  will be available on the day of play, at the hosting course, from the host TGA Delegate.
Six-way crossover layout: (foursome, six (two-person) teams).  Players a, b, c, d.  Same tee time.

team 1 = a+b

team 2 = a+c

team 3 = a+d

team 4 = b+c

team 5 = b+d

team 6 = c+d
Three-way crossover layout: (threesome, three (two-person) teams).  Players a, b, c.  Same tee time.

team 1 = a+b

team 2 = a+c

team 3 = b+c
Single team layout: (twosome, one (two-person) team).  Players a, b.  Same tee time.  **

team 1 = a+b
Two teams layout:  (foursome, two (two-person) teams).  Players a, b, c, d.  Same tee time.

team 1 = a+b

team 2 = c+d
** A single team cannot play by themselves.  They must play with someone not on that team for scoring/attesting purposes.  All players in a sweeps event must be playing/paying participants.
Each two-person team will turn in a scorecard with those two names, individual gross scores, handicaps, and gross best-ball scores (third line).  Signed and attested.  The host TGA Delegate will finalize the team pairing sheet for Low Net using the team handicap.  The host TGA Delegate will not post the sweeps scores to the GHIN system.  Please post your own.  All team members must be from a TGA Member club and have an established GHIN handicap.  The current handicap card  must be presented at sign-in.  The maximum of 7 handicap spread is between any two-man team members.  If there are more than 7 strokes difference, the higher handicap will be adjusted downward to fit within the 7 strokes. Handicaps will be adjusted to the course being played using the Handicap Index.  Incorrect Handicap Index information may be grounds for disqualification of all teams on which that individual participates (Rule 6-2b).

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  1. Tournament results may be posted within 24 hours, but may take as much as 3 days. 
  2. The results listing may not contain all entrants names/scores but only the winning places.
  3. Tournament payouts are normally handled by Pro Golf Discount.


  1. Sweeps results normally posted within 24 hours (after the final day).
  2. All checks for winnings will be sent to the course from which you signed up on the entry form.
  3. The check(s) will be made out to that golf course.
  4. A list of the winning members will also be sent.
  5. The course can handle paying the members in their regular method (money on the books , gift certificates, etc.).
  6. Allow two weeks for the check to be mailed to the courses.
  7. If some results do not appear on the Results page, Reload/Refresh the page.