TGA Delegates Meeting Notice

Gents: Our next TGA Delegates meeting will be at Meadow Park Thursday 10/12/2017
Meadow Park Golf Course
Meeting starts at 10.30am in Foley’s restaurant.
Delegates will have to pay to play after the meeting
Rates for the delegates after meeting will be:
$16.00+ tax walking
$12.00+tax riding per person
No Trail Fee.
Punching was done Monday 10/2/2017, so it should be good for the Sweeps.

Sweeps rates Friday 10/20/2017
Walking $27.00+ tax
Carts $12.00 + tax per person
No Trail Fee.
Special rate for Friday only $42 (Includes Tax, Green Fee, Cart, $7 Food Coupon for Foley’s)

Sweeps rates Saturday 10/21/2017 & Sunday 10/22/2017

Walking $30+ Tax
Carts $12.00+ Tax per person
No Trail Fee
Remember to bring lots of sweeps sign ups and golf balls for Juniors.
See you on the 12th. ———–Tony