TGA Delegates Meeting Notice

 TGA Delegates Meeting Notice

Gents: Our next TGA Delegates meeting will be at Meadow Park Golf Course Thursday 1/31/2019 in the restaurant. This is a location change due to the closing of the Brookdale Golf Course restaurant.

The meeting will start at 10.30am and after the meeting there will be golf at Brookdale.  As of right now we will not be getting any delegates comped golf from Brookdale.  If this changes I will let you know.

Please plan to attend the meeting even if you do not plan to play golf at Brookdale. There is business that needs to be conducted and your participation is important. The sweeps for February 9, 10 & 11 at Brookdale are still scheduled.  I will forward rate information when I receive it.

Thanks. ———–Tony
Meadow Park Golf Course
7108 Lakewood Dr W
Tacoma, WA 98467

Brookdale Golf Course
Address: 1802 Brookdale Rd E, Tacoma, WA 98445
Phone:(253) 537-4400

Sweeps Info:

The greens fee Monday thru Friday $26:00

Saturday and Sunday $32:00

cart rental $13:00 everyday

$6:00 trail fee.

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