TGA Delegate Meeting Schedule

Sweeps Players–Please sign up at your course or contact your Club Delegate before the meeting date to get a preferred tee time.


Supporting links for running sweeps:  

Delegate Working Sweep (How To)…    Current Meeting Notice     Club Delegates…   TGA Meeting Sign-in List…

Tony Robinson will notify delegates of upcoming meetings, with course information, by email for those with email.

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Gents: We will be having a Delegates Meeting Thursday 4/1/2021 at Tahoma Valley

15425 Mosman Ave SW
Yelm, WA 98597
Phone: 360-458-3332

Meeting information
Thursday 4/1/2021 Meeting starts 10:30 AM we will be discussing possible meeting changes and other information so please attend we need your input.

There will be no delegate golf following the meeting Tahoma Valley is holding a tournament that day.

Sweeps Information:
Bring lots of Tee Times ! ! !
Sweeps are Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 9, 10 & 11, 2021
Rates on Friday
$24.00 walking $39.00 ride for all players no senior rate
Rates on Saturday and Sunday
$29.00 walking $44.00 for all players no senior rate
For all three days carts are available $15.00 per seat. Cart trail fee $6.00.

Please bring your sign up sheets for sweeps.

Remember to bring golf balls for Junior Golf.

See you on the 1st. ------------Tony