TGA Delegate Meeting Schedule

Sweeps Players–Please sign up at your course or contact your Club Delegate before the meeting date to get a preferred tee time.


Supporting links for running sweeps:  

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Tony Robinson will notify delegates of upcoming meetings, with course information, by email for those with email.

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Gents: Due to the current Covid 19 Virus regulations there is no place to meet at the Tahoma Valley Golf Course. Therefor the 3/26/2020 TGA Delegates meeting is canceled. The Sweeps for April 3, 4 & 5, 2020 are still going to be held. Frank Worden the TGA delegate will be there to sign in players and issue cards ( if this changes due to further restriction we will let you know) The following are the rates for the sweeps
Friday 3/4/2020 Green fees are $24.00 walking for all. Cart fee is $15.00 per rider. Trail fee $5.00
Saturday and Sunday Green fees are $29.00 walking for all. Cart fee is $15.00 per rider. Trail fee $5.00

The restaurant will be open for take out orders only no eating in or meeting on the deck. Food to be consumed on the course.

Please be safe and use your judgment as to attendance based on the situation.

We will advise you about next months meeting and sweeps when we receive information.

Thank you. ----------------Tony