TGA Constitution & By-Laws




Amended and adopted         April 15, 2010
– – – Table of contents – – –
Article I……….Organizational Intent         

Section 1………Purposes

  1. Affiliations
  2. Junior Scholarship

Section 2………Events

  1. City Am
  2. Sweepstakes
  3. Champion of Champions
  4. Junior City Amateur
  5. Annual Calendar

Section 3………Non-Profit Status

Article II………Membership 

Section 1………Membership

  1. Course Eligibility
  2. Rating status

Section 2………Dues

Section 3………Reinstatement

Section 4………Member delegates

Section 5………Delegate Responsibilities

Section 6………Limiting activities

Section 7………Lifetime Memberships

Section 8………Equal tourney entry

Section 9………Ghin Handicaps

Article III……..Governance      

Section 1……….Government

  1. Defined Governance
  2. Method of Governance
  3. Quorum

Section 2………Election of officers

  1. Officers Serving
  2. Service requirements

Section 3………Nominating Committee

Section 4………Elections

  1. Time of election
  2. Presidential Term limits
  3. Removal for cause
  4. Remainder of term appointment
Article IV……..Duties of Officers

Section 1………President

  1. CEO of TGA
  2. Committee appointments
  3. Appointment of WSGA & PNGA reps
  4. Calendar Committee
  5. Audit Committee

Section 2………Vice President

Section 3………Secretary

  1. Keep meeting records
  2. Maintain media information

Section 4………Treasurer

Article V……….Annual Reporting

Section 1……….Annual Meeting

Section 2……….Annual Meeting Agenda

Article VI………Constitutional Alterations

Section 1……….Amending the Constitution

Section 2……….Dissolution

Article VII……..Past President Participation

Section 1……….Immediate Past President

Section 2………Active Past Presidents

  1. Exempt from Course Affiliation
  2. Exempt from delegate limit
  3. Committee membership eligibility

Constitutional Committee members



The association shall be called “Tacoma Golf Association”  (TGA)


The Intent of this Association shall be:

Section 1:      Purposes

  1. To adhere and promote the Washington State Golf Association (WSGA), Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA), and the United States Golf Association (USGA) rules for the betterment of golf within the Tacoma Golf Association (TGA) membership.
  2. A Junior Scholarship fund shall be established to recognize a worthy recipient (s). A standing Scholarship Committee shall meet periodically following the Junior City Amateur to determine whether a scholarship(s) is warranted.

Section 2:      Events

  1. To prepare and conduct an annual City Amateur tournament which shall be open to amateur players. The Tournament Chairman and Committee may enhance the field through handicap.
  2. B. To prepare and conduct 10 or more Sweepstakes events hosted by member clubs. Participation in a Sweepstakes event shall be from active adult TGA Club members in good standing.  Additionally, the TGA shall arrange and conduct other tournaments upon approval of the delegates.
  3. To prepare and conduct an annual Champion of Champions Tournament which shall be open to all current TGA member club champions, male and female. Champions will be determined for Men, Women’s and Team (male and female champion representatives from the same club).  The Sunday tournament shall be held in relation to the beginning of October each year.
  4. D. To prepare and conduct an annual Junior City Amateur tournament, which shall be open to junior golfers, male and female, from their 12th birthday through their 17th

Section 3:      Non-profit Status

The Tacoma Golf Association shall be, and operate, as a non-profit organization   with a tax exempt status within the Internal Revenue Code.



Section 1:      Tacoma Golf Association  Membership

A:         All properly organized clubs located in the greater Tacoma Area and affiliated with a course of at least nine (9) holes shall be eligible for membership.

B:         Any eligible course, through its men’s club, whose rating has been certified by the WSGA, may submit a written request for membership.  An officer or director of the club seeking admission shall present said request at a regularly scheduled meeting of the TGA.  At the following regularly scheduled meeting, a majority vote of the delegates present, providing there is a quorum, will determine whether the request is approved or denied.

Section 2 :     Dues

There shall be annual dues for eighteen (or more)-hole courses and for nine-hole courses.  Said dues structure shall be subject to revision from time to time, after review by the Executive Committee and passage by the delegates at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Any revision in annual dues shall be acted upon before the TGA Annual Meeting.

Section 3:      Reinstatement of membership

Should a member club’s TGA membership lapse, reinstatement can occur upon receipt of the annual dues.

Section 4:      Member Delegates

Each member club, through its President shall appoint two delegates.  Should a replacement for an appointed delegate become necessary, the member club so affected shall advise the TGA Secretary through its President or presiding officer, of the newly appointed delegate which shall be appointed for the duration of the unexpired term.

Section 5:      Delegate Responsibilities:

  1. A. Provide an effective liaison between your men’s club/course and the TGA.
  2. B. Assist in drawing schedules for all events sponsored by the TGA.
  3. C. Conduct Sweepstakes at your home course. Be responsible for collecting all monies and entry forms to the Sweepstakes events and to deliver same to the TGA Treasurer.
  4. D. Assist in conducting and staging City Amateur, Champion of Champions and other events sponsored by the TGA.
  5. To serve on committees when so appointed by the TGA President and to carry your share of the duties.

Section 6:      Limiting Activities for delegates:

Any delegate or officer of the Association shall not accept an appointment to an organization relating to golf which could create a conflict of interest without first securing the Association’s written permission.

Section 7:      Lifetime memberships

  1. Recognition for continuous and exemplary contributions can be bestowed upon an individual who has provided a minimum of 25 years of service in association with the TGA.Nominations would be generated from the Past Presidents, presented to the Executive committee and offered for acceptance, by majority vote, to the delegates at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. The recipient (s) of a lifetime membership to the TGA is granted the voting rights and privileges accorded delegates and Past Presidents.

Section 8:      Equal Tournament Entry Opportunity

No eligible person shall be denied entry into a tournament sponsored by the Tacoma Golf Association because of race, color, or creed.

Section 9:      Golf Handicap:

The TGA subscribes exclusively to the Ghin Handicapping System utilized through the USGA’s contracted agent, the WSGA, for tournament qualification.

Article III


Section 1:      Government:

A:         Supervision of the business of this Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee which shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer to be elected at the last regular meeting of the Association as per Article V.  The Immediate Past-President, shall serve for two years or until the incumbent President becomes the Immediate Past-President.  Additional members of this committee such as Past Presidents and Lifetime Members may be appointed to serve as conditions and needs warrant their services.

B:         The governing body of the TGA shall be the delegates of the member clubs.  Each member club shall have a maximum of two (2) votes in any election or other pertinent business requiring a ballot.  The President, who is not eligible to serve as a delegate, shall have the right to cast the deciding vote in any balloting resulting in a tie.  Delegates must be present to vote.  Proxy voting is not to be permitted.

C:         A quorum shall consist of not less than twelve (12) voting members representing a minimum of eight (8) different member clubs.

Section 2:      Election of Officers:

A:         The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B:         The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall represent at least two different member clubs in good standing at the time of election and the term of office shall be for a period of two years or until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section 3:      Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of all active Past Presidents.  With the Committee’s membership being constant, they shall assist in identifying and qualifying potential officers.

Section 4:      Elections:

A:         At the second to last regular meeting prior to the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for the delegates to consider for election.   Elections shall occur at the last regularly scheduled meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.

B:         No President shall serve more than three (two year) consecutive terms (six years maximum).

C:         Any officer of this Association may be removed from office for just cause upon a recommendation of the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the delegates present at any regularly scheduled meeting.

D:        In the event any of the duly elected officer(s) is unable to complete his term, the delegates shall, at the next regular meeting following notice of resignation or inability to perform, nominate and elect an officer to fulfill the unexpired term of the vacated office.

Article IV

Duties of Officers

Section 1:      President:

A:         The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the Association during his tenure.  The President shall preside at all meetings of this Association and of the Executive Committee.

B:         The President shall have authority to appoint Committee chairs and Special Assistants as is needed for the accomplishment of Association business.

C:         The President shall appoint a representative(s) to the WSGA and to the PNGA.

D:        The President shall serve as the Chairman of the Calendar Committee.   This committee shall pursue, throughout the year, a viable calendar of all events for the next calendar year which the Association holds administration/sponsorship.

E:         Appoint audit committee to review all funds within the TGA and oversee the Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2:      Vice President:

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence.  The Vice President will assist the President as Tournament Chairman and will conduct and organize all tournament activities of the Association.  He may appoint a committee and a Chairperson to assist him.

Section 3:      Secretary:

A:         The Secretary shall keep records and printed matter (media items) of all of the meetings of this Association and of the Executive Committee and shall issue call for such meetings.  He shall keep a roll of the membership and shall take charge of all correspondence and paper belonging to the Association.

B:         The Secretary shall collect and maintain any news articles published regarding the Association.  He shall also serve as the referring officer for Good of the Order recommendations. (e.g.: Flowers, cards, checks, etc.)

Section 4:      Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall collect all dues and other fees and disburse same under the direction of the Executive Committee.  He shall report in writing the status of the finances when required by the Executive Committee.  At the Annual Meeting he shall present a written report showing all receipts and disbursements during the year.

Article V

Annual Reporting

Section 1:      Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting (usually late November/early December) of this Association shall be conducted to review annual milestones and all financial reports and shall be held at the call of the President.

Section 2:      Annual Meeting agenda:

No business requiring a motion and or vote shall occur at the Annual Meeting, other than adjournment.


Constitutional Alterations

Section 1:      Amending this Constitution and creating Bylaws:

Amendments are to be presented to the delegates at a regular meeting and could be passed at the next regular meeting, providing a quorum is present.

Section 2:      Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of this Association, after paying or providing for any debts or obligations, any assets shall be distributed to a similar organization that has established tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Any qualified recipient organization shall be designated by the Tacoma Golf Association Executive Committee at the time of dissolution.

Article VII

Past- Presidents’ Participation

Section 1:      Immediate Past-President:

The Immediate Past President shall serve as an advisor to the President and to the Executive Committee.  He shall also serve as mediator should Association business between the President and the Executive Committee’s business become contentious.

Section 2:      Past-Presidents participation and privileges for TGA business.

  1. A Past-President is exempt from the two delegate limit from member clubs, as noted in Article II Member Delegates.
  2. A Past-President is not obligated to be a course delegate to attend or participate.
  3. A Past-President is eligible for committee membership and chair positions.

Submitted for evaluation and approval,

Terry Storey,              President

Andy Bergman,         Past-President

Dave Clark,                Past-President

Bob Erickson,             Past-President

Steve McBee,             Past-President

Ken Morken,              Past President