TGA Sweeps Schedule

For a preferred tee time, contact your TGA course representative for a Sweeps tee time before the ‘SIGN-UP BY` date ..or.. Call the course pro shop where the sweeps are to be held anytime after that and before the sweeps. Typically we would like sweeps competition to begin before 10:00am. On Sunday all sweeps competition must be started on or before 10:00am.


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All 2020 TGA Sweeps will be posted by 1 March 2020.
Next sweeps will be at Capital City GC on 6,7,8 March.
Sweeps Information: The Sweeps are on Friday Saturday and Sunday March 6, 7 & 8, 2020
Friday rate for all (regular & senior) will be $26.67 tax included 
Saturday and Sunday rates will be $32.73 tax included (regular and senior)
Carts are $16.00 per seat.
Trail Fees are $9.00
Restaurant will be open at 8.00am each day.

2019 Delegates Meeting Schedule.  After the delegates meeting date, unfilled advance tee times are turned back to the pro shop to do with as they wish.