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logo1Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will my smartphone work on this website?
A:  Yes.  Tested on Samsung and Apple smartphones.

Q:  Will my Tablet work on this website.
A:  Yes, with some reservations.

Q:  Some pages will not close when the back arrow/mouse back button is pushed.  Why?
A:  Many/Most of the pages are standalone/new pages and can be closed by closing that browser tab; or the return key on the tablet/smartphone.  If it is the only tab showing, and you close it, you will probably exit the website.

Q:  Why so many popups?
A:  Popups are used through this website to explain, at hand, what something means or as a shortcut to information that resides on one of the pages.  Information on most popups are static and won"t change.

TOURNAMENTS: (Special Events):

Q:  Is there a penalty for signing up for a Special Event and not being able to play?
A:  Not if you cancel before the tournament deadline.  After that your entry fee is forfeited.  Special cases will be reviewed by the Tournament Chairman.

Q:  The USGA approved electronic distance measuring devices (GPS/Laser) for use in tournaments.  Can I use my GPS/Laser device in a TGA Sweeps/Special Event?
A:  The TGA will allow the use of Laser distance measuring and GPS systems in sweeps and special events for adult competition.  The usage in Junior competition of distance measuring devices will not be allowed.  The TGA rules committee will permit their usage by Local Rules. (USGA Decision 14-3/0.5)  The TGA is in agreement with the PNGA and WSGA ruling.  Players may share the devices and the distances measured during a stipulated round (Rule 8-1/2).  If exceptions are made for some Special Event tournaments (not Sweeps), they will be noted on the Tournament Entry Form.

Q:  What is the approved "Winter Rules" policy for this area's courses for TGA Sweeps/Special Events during winter?
A:  TGA abides by the PNGA policy: PNGA Winter Rules

For tournaments, payouts will be available as gift certificates at the Tacoma Pro Golf Discount (allow 3 days).

See in web page.


T.G.A CITY AMATEUR: 54 hole, Stroke (Medal) play format, not handicapped (gross scores). Entrants must be a minimum of 16 years old.

C.W. TAYLOR SENIOR CITY CHAMPIONSHIP: 36 hole, Stroke (Medal) play format, using GHIN handicap. 50 years+. Gross & Net Prizes.

H.M. MONTGOMERY JUNIOR CITY CHAMPIONSHIP: 54 hole, Stroke (Medal) play format by age groups, not handicapped (gross scores).

T.G.A FAMILY TOURNAMENT: 18 hole, Two-person Best Ball format, using GHIN handicap. Parent/Grandparent with Son/ Daughter or GrandSon/GrandDaughter. Gross & Net Prizes.  If one or both of players have no handicap, the Calloway scoring system will be used.

2 MAN BEST BALL (OPEN): 36 hole, Two-person Best Ball format, using GHIN handicap. Handicap flighted, using ??% handicap.

JACK WALTERS CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: 18 hole, Stroke (Medal) play format. Limited to member club’s men, senior and women champions.