zcloneResults-Champion of Champions Tournament 2019

TGA Champ of Champs – For 2018 Champs – Played in 2019

Club Champion:    J D Rushton   score 70 at Capitol City and he is from High Cedars.  Should mention that J D Rushton won the Champion Of Champions 19 years earlier.

Senior Club Champion:   Doug Springs   Score 74 at Capitol City and is from  Madrona Links

Women Club Champion:   Kris Adams   Score  84  at Capitol City and is from  High Cedars.


Team Winners:  J D Rushton and Kris Adams are both from High Cedars.


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Club Champion Senior Champions Women’s Champions

Golfer – Scores Golfer – Scores Golfer – Scores
JD Rushton  37-33=70 Doug Springs  37-37=74 Kris Adams   41-43=84
Brady White 35-37=72 Steve Leonard 39-36=75 Stephanie Southbloom  43-42=85
Jordan Pease  36-39=75 Dan Ashlock  39-36=75 Yong Gatts   59-58=117
Darren Axt 40-36=76 Steve Buchberger  37-38=75 Teri Hislop Withdrew
Kyle Comen  38-39=77 Bob Bonomo  37-40=77  
Paul Battle   41-37=78 Selusi Ulugaono   45-43=88  
Jake Keith     45-45=90 Dave Talcott  Withdrew  
Ron Simmons   Fail to Show