Our History

The Tacoma Golf Association (TGA) was founded in 1931 by Allenmore, Brookdale University (College) and Tacoma Country and Golf Club as a confederation of courses to provide amateur competition and an area championship. It ranks among the oldest continuing local golf associations in the U.S. Additionally, this alliance served as the local enforcement arm of the USGA.

By the late Fifties, the TGA was THE association for caliber competition. By now twenty four clubs belonged and the Junior program was really taking shape. The Tacoma City Amateur was as high in prestige as the State Amateur Championship.

The Seventies saw a decline in the level of competition. The PNGA and WSGA were emerging as the purveyors of prestigious competition. The TGA has its best ball sweeps and the Junior program. Times were lean to say the least.

As we approach the Eighties, there was a pleasant surprise. More and more of the local pros were products of our Junior program. The scholarships and local reinforcements the people received have remained very much a valued legacy between the TGA and the golfing community. Our Junior program was the model for the Washington State Junior Golf Association started by Joanne Teats with our donation.

Here is what we are committed to doing. At present, were are thirty eight clubs strong. We are trying not to live on our laurels. Time moves on and we are cognizant of the need to rebuild ourselves to the benefit of the general amateur golfer, the junior golfer as our future, and to the senior golfer who have been the contributor to so many of our tournaments.

Our speciality tournaments are very special, indeed. For more than forty years, our Champion of Champions tournament has offered every TGA Club Champion, male and female, head to head competition. It is the longest surviving tournament of its kind. Our Father/Sibling tournament is a family event where a father and his son OR daughter can compete. A regional first. Our Classic Cup Team Competition is a six-man club team against all other club comers. Another regional first, even before the Chick Evans Tourney.

We hold an annual Senior City Amateur competition in addition to the Tacoma City Amateur. Starting in 2005, the entry doors will widen with the opportunity for competitors to now qualify for Hudson Cup points.

What TGA members receive is participation in quality events, opportunities to share in regional golf history, and a voice (through active club representation) to shape even more opportunities. If there is interest in hosting an event, the possibility is available.

Should you desire additional information, please call TGA President. Officers