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This page contains random golf and website information that may be of interest.

Β logo-megapath-fusionΒ SpeakEasy Internet Speed Test Β Check your internet connection speed.

usga_2cΒ Β stimpmeter-instruction-bookletΒ  How they measure speed of the green (the stemp).

usga_2cΒ Β anchoring-the-clubΒ  The new rule on long putters.

usga_2cΒ Β http://www.usga.org/home/index.htmlΒ  United States Golf Association (USGA) homepage. Β  Β Β  Course Handicap Calculator Β  Course Slopes and Ratings

usga_2cΒ 2019 Proposed Rules ChangesΒ  Videos of rules changes.

usga_2cΒ 2019 Rules & InterpretationsΒ  Players Edition, Full Rules and Interpretations (Tab Selection).

Handicap Definitions. Β  Handicap Definitions defined.

WEBSITE USAGE: Β (annual current count at bottom of all pages).

  • 2017: (started count);Β 6/19/2017 – 12/31/2017 ; 329,010 visitors and 451,576 pages visited.
  • 2018: 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2018; 518,830 visitors and 727,623 pages visited.
  • 2019: 1/1/2019 – 12/31/2019; 114,482 visitors and 115,155 pages visited.
  • Current year: See stats at bottom of any page.

Website Testing (by/for TGA Webmasters) .not active link.

To find the Slope and Rating for any golf course:

  • Go to USGA Handicap Calculator.
  • Click on 'LOOK UP' link.
  • Be as specific as you wish to narrow the search.
  • Leave blank any entry point to widen the search (except State).Β 
  • Enter only the State if you wish to see all courses in that state.
  • From the list of courses, click on Course Name to bring up all of the Slopes and Ratings for all tees on that course.

If found undefined anywhere on the website:

H.I. stands for Handicap Index

C.H. stands for Course Handicap

For more information on handicaps, go to USGA.ORG.