Entry List – Senior Amateur

2019 Senior Amateur Entry List:  (Not in any particular order; normally as received)

If name is not listed, allow 3 days after entering for posting here.  If you wish to withdraw, contact TGA on “Contact Us” menu.
Entry is not final until payment verified.  If you received a verification notice from PayPal, then you are verified.  You will be notified if entry not verified.  If you could not connect with PayPal for payment, just bring the entry fee (cash or check) to the tournament.
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Updated: 07/07/2019  32 Players

Tim Henry
Mike Devine
Johnnie Johnson
Jim Henry
Donald Johnson
John Loftus
Mark Stephenson
Michael Sacks
Danny O’Neal
Gordon Nelson
Bob Bonomo
Mark Johnson
Chuck Singletary
Ray Smith
David Hunter
Tim J Johnson
James Everham
Bob Davies
Steve Leonard
Stuart Anderson
David Haupert
Michael Clark
Jack Mushallo
Robert Lykles
Frank Worden
William McClean
Scott Manthey
Robert Carlson
Craig Larson
Ralph Potter
Don Spath
Gordon Nelson
Dave Clark
Terry Storey
Jon Dalen
David Achziger
Doug Spring
Linden Brown
Lee Hoines
Travis Gamble
John Kramer
Jimmie Dillingham
Ron Hovey
Frank Schatz