Entry List – City Amateur

2019 Amateur Entry List:  (Not in any particular order; normally as received)

If name is not listed, allow 3 days after entering for posting here.  If you wish to withdraw, contact TGA on “Contact Us” menu.
Entry is not final until payment verified.  If you received a verification notice from PayPal, then you are verified.  You will be notified if entry not verified.
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Updated: 07/20/2019.  11 players

Player Name Entry Date Entered
Cogswell, Nathan Richard 02/06/19 YES
French, Luke 04/05/19 YES
Hall, Luke 04/05/19 YES
Robb, Darin 04/26/19 YES
Wicklander, Skylar 05/07/19 YES
Welborn, Ryan 05/13/19 YES
Douglas, Fred 05/27/19 YES
Volz, Gary 06/03/19 YES
Rockwell, Luke 06/12/19 YES
Smith, Ray 06/16/19 YES
Ihrig, Alec Scott 07/05/19 YES