Delegate Working Sweep


(1)  Before giving out Green Sheet, collect $16.00 for that team.      Pairing (green) Sheets

(2)  Have a copy of the sweeps rules available, and read prior to selling Green Sheets.     Sweeps Rules page… 

(3)  Have a copy of the Sweeps Calendar.  On this sheet there is a list of Member Clubs.     Member Clubs page

(4)  List all guests on the Guest Posting Sheet, with GHIN No.     Handicap Card
Posting Sheet

(5)  Notify all players that have to post their own sweeps scores.  TGA will no longer post sweeps scores.  These are not Tournament scores. Display Posting Notice at sign-in table.

(6)  If partners have more than 7 strokes difference, add 3.5 to the low handicap player’s handicap, ignoring the higher handicap.  This will equal the team handicap.  Put this in the space marked Hdcp on the Green Sheet.

(7)  When score cards are turned in, you should check:

(a)Each player’s individual score and post to the Guest Posting Sheet.
(b)  Check best ball score for accuracy.
(c)  Post Gross and Net score to Green Sheet.

Someone will make arrangements for picking up money, Green Sheets and Score Cards.

This will help in getting the Results out quickly.

Thank you for  your help.

Chet Hasting
T.G.A Treasurer

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