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2019 Junior Amateur Winners

Lauryn Nguyen (16) shot a 9 under par (135) over the two day tournament at Meadow Park to win... read more

Travis Gamble 3-peat at 2019 TGA Senior Am!

Travis Gamble, playing out of Madrona Links, repeated for the third time, winning the Super Senior title.  Dan Davies... read more

Ryan Kelly 2019 TGA City Am. Champion!

Madrona Links own Ryan Kelly is this years TGA City Amateur Champion. He bested the field with 3... read more

Sweeps & Tournaments

Junior Golf

2020 TGA Junior City Amateur was cancelled!

2020 TGA Junior Boys Amateur Champion:

2020 TGA Junior Girls Amateur Champion:


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The Tacoma Golf Association was founded in 1931 by Allenmore, Brookdale University (College) and Tacoma Country and Golf Club as a confederation of courses to provide amateur competition and an area championship. It ranks among the oldest continuing local golf associations in the U.S. Additionally, this alliance served as the local enforcement arm of the USGA… CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR HISTORY

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2020 Amateur Entry List:  (Not in any particular order; normally as received or Alpha Sorted)

If name is not listed, allow 3 days after entering for posting here.  If you wish to withdraw, contact TGA on “Contact Us” menu.
Entry is not final until payment verified.  If you received a verification notice from PayPal, then you are verified.  You will be notified if entry not verified.

Updated: 08/09/2020.

NBR Last Name First Name HCP
1 Alwert David 0.5 17
2 Appel Paul 3.8 50
3 Arnold Caden 3.3 18
4 Axt Darren -1.0 33
5 Bae Chris 0.2 52
6 Bartz Tim 1.9 34
7 Brajcich Jordan -3.3 21
8 Comen Patrick 6.7 32
9 Coombe Garr 4.5 16
10 Cummings Michael -0.1 21
11 Darnell Austin Lee -0.1 21
12 Ellison Jake 1.3 24
13 Fuentes Anthony 1.0 36
14 Harbottle Nicholas Robert 9.0 18
15 Huddleston Thomas 2.1 25
16 Kelly Ryan -2.0 46
17 Kirkebo Edward Tres 1.8 43
18 Klundt Cameron 3.0 20
19 Langsy Ken 8.7 50
20 Packer Sean -0.4 35
21 Palmer Jordan 1.4 31
22 Pearson Ryan 1.6 21
23 Robb Darin -0.1 43
24 Rohleder Mason Patrick 4.8 17
25 Rushton JD 0.2 47
26 Rushton Lee 1.6 37
27 Sacks Thomas Bedford 4.0 17
28 Stutsman Matt Edward 4.3 55
29 Talcott David 3.4 63
30 Volz Gary 1.4 51
31 Wicklander Skylar 0.9 41
32 Willis Anthony 0.9 59
33 Jun Thomas -2 31
34 Edelman Steve .4 46


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The USGA Rules of Golf for 2019 have been published.  This link will take you to the USGA 2019 Rules and Interpretations page with a selection of Players Edition, Full Rules and Rules Interpretations.  If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you will be better served by getting the USGA mobile app: "USGA Rules of Golf 21019" in your app store.

  • The Players Edition is the one that you should carry in your golf bag (Available on the USGA Shop; free if you are a USGA member).  It covers most of the common rules.
  • The Full Rules is just that.
  • The Interpretations are decisions made by golf's ruling body that covers things not clearly covered by the Rules of Golf (nit-picking).

Click on the link on the left to view the new rules implemented 1/1/2019.


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